How to get your baby to walk faster

How to get your baby to walk faster

Babies grow up fast. For parents, we like to whatever we can do to aid in the growth and development of our children, after all, it’s our natural instinct. In this post, I am going to share a few things you can do to help your baby to walk faster.

Exercise the babies legs

Exercise the babies legs by grabbing both feet and doing a cycling motion. The constant movement helps the baby to develop leg strength faster, which will assist in giving the baby the confidence needed to stand and eventually walk. Once a day will be fine. Try to set a routine so that you can work it into your day. Just a few minutes a day should be enough, you don’t want to over do it. It’s NOT a workout you are simply building the babies strength.

Get A Walker

Walkers help babies learn about footing, what causes movement, gravity, and boost confidence. Walkers keep your baby in an upright position and let the child focus on direction. The traits learned while in the walker make walking second nature when your child is ready to take its first steps.

Let your baby explore

When babies start becoming mobile, as parents we have a tendency to want to scoop them up. The best course of action is to let the baby explore(within reason). Obviously, keep a close eye on the baby and try your best to help them avoid hazards. When babies are close to walking age they begin pulling up on things like couches, or chairs. As time passes they will try to learn how to balance themselves on two legs, once this start happening, you can rest assured that the walking phase is not too far behind. Also letting your baby explore is a good way to tire them out to get your baby to sleep.


By exercising, getting a walker, and letting your baby explore you will be able to get your baby to walk faster. A baby that walks faster can focus on the next milestones. If you enjoyed this blog post share this post. Here are some other ways to get your baby walking.


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